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Drum2Run monitors your performance and fine-tunes your workout intensity.

Mobile application to help runners balance on their best heart rate

It is very important to continue to feel full of energy, regardless of age. And to not be afraid that health can fail. Peace of mind for our own health is one of the main things that ensure the quality of life in the present moment.

Understanding this, we keep our level of activity every day, contributing to tomorrow. We know how it is not easy to fall in love with taking care of our own health. It takes a lot of our time and our attention.
To have a good time on runs and be dedicated to good thoughts we have developed a unique algorithm that helps you run with sufficient oxygen in the blood, thereby relieving your body of anaerobic stress. Now taking care of our health has become much easier.
A mobile application that monitors your heart rate and thus:
1. Calculates the optimal load on your heart,
2. Generates musical beats to keep pace with it
3. And moreover, it informs via voice comments about what is happening in your body now and how you need to adjust the workout
All you need to do is just run with rhythm
like you are dancing.
Yes, As simple as it is!
You don't have to look at any displays.
What people say
Susan M.
26 years old
In general, I am delighted with the experience of using, because before (taking into account that I was never interested) I could never even think that I could just run 4-5 miles without preparation and then feel good
Aaron G.
31 years old
I even recommended it to everyone I know ... because those who don't know how to run properly will definitely be surprised by the experience. At least I was greatly amazed!
Angela T.
42 years old
I can hardly call myself an athlete. One day I was told that it was the time I had to start doing something for the sake of my health. I decided to start with running, as it did not require a lot of equipment, and it seemed the least extreme activity. Drum2Run became my coach, and now I am getting better.
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