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Drum2Run monitors your performance and fine-tunes your workout intensity.

We offer a brand new experience: just listen to the music and synchronize your cadence with the beat. It is for everyone: for those who are just starting to run and for those who are trying to get back to a training plan.

A running app that delivers positive emotions and acts as an attentive coach.

Running can be hard
Ever felt this?
Out of breath
Heart rate is too fast
Pain under the ribs
We offer a solution that helps you achieve your sport goals and forget about bad experience.
What causes bad experience?
Running gets hard once your exercises become too intense: you are out of breath and the heart is beating too fast. In other words, you enter the anaerobic zone, which brings negative experience and delays progress.
Read about anaerobic zone
How to start enjoying running?
To avoid bad experience, you should keep the workout intensity under control — stay in aerobic zone.
Read about aerobic zone
Drum2Run is here to help
Drum2Run helps you run without getting exhausted: if your workout is getting too extreme, the app slows you down. As a result, you avoid negative consequences.
Read how the app works
Drum2Run features

Drum2Run changes the music tempo to adjust the workout intensity.

If you are running too fast, it decreases the tempo to prevent discomfort. If you are too slow, but the body is ready for a challenge, the app speeds up the beat.

All you have to do is synchronize your cadence with the beat. It's similar to dancing in some way — it's all about keeping the beat.

Unique interaction
Drum2Run uses Apple Watch to monitor your performance. The app identifies whether you are running uphill or downhill, if you had a good sleep today and even whether you ate too much before the training. Every detail counts.
Monitoring and guiding
Long runs with low heart rate are the healthiest way to keep your cardiovascular system in a good shape. They allow you to avoid discomfort and burn fat efficiently. Eventually you level up your running skills, gaining abilities to run faster and longer.
Healthy approach to running
What people say
Susan M.
26 years old
In general, I am delighted with the experience of using, because before (taking into account that I was never interested) I could never even think that I could just run 5-6 km without preparation and then feel normal
Aaron G.
31 years old
I even recommended it to everyone I know ... because those who don't know how to run properly will definitely be surprised by the experience. At least I was greatly amazed!
Angela T.
42 years old
I can hardly call myself an athlete. One day I was told that it was the time I had to start doing something for the sake of my health. I decided to start with running, as it did not require a lot of equipment, and it seemed the least extreme activity. Drum2Run became my coach, and now I am getting better.
Drum2Run in action
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